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Eng. Mahmoud Al-Hadiri, CEO of 2M
Eng. Mahmoud Al-Hadiri, CEO of 2M

The video begins with an introductory introduction about engineer Mahmoud Ali, Chairman of the Board of Directors of 2M Electric Group, and his history in the field of electricity and industry. Mahmoud Ali appears speaking confidently and clearly about the efforts of the Egyptian industry localization initiative in the field of electricity.

He talks about the challenges and opportunities facing the Egyptian industry in this field, and explains how local companies can play an important role in developing the electrical industry in Egypt. He presents successful business models and exemplary localization projects undertaken by his group to motivate other companies to participate in this initiative.

The video also shows footage of factories and projects undertaken by 2M Electric Group as part of the industry localization efforts. The video also includes testimonials from government and industry officials praising the efforts made and their positive impact on the Egyptian economy.

The video includes interviews with workers and employees in factories, where they share their experiences and opinions about the impact of this initiative on their professional and economic lives. The video concludes with an invitation to companies and investors to benefit from localization opportunities in the electricity sector and contribute to the development of the Egyptian industry.