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2M Electric Group Exhibition 2023
2M Electric Group Exhibition 2023

Within the framework of implementing the directions of the political leadership and the strategy of the Egyptian state towards expanding and developing economic relations and restoring the Egyptian leadership role in the African continent

The "2M Electric Group", the leading Egyptian company in the field of producing electrical equipment, announced its participation in three international exhibitions in the brotherly African countries.

Engineer Mahmoud Ali, Chairman and Managing Director of the “2M Electric Group”, said that we aim to implement the Egyptian state’s strategy through the expansion of the company’s activities within the African markets to establish the “Made in Egypt” slogan, explaining that the “2M Electric Group” is currently participating in three conferences. And international exhibitions within the African continent, where it participates in the “Africa Energy 2023” exhibition, which is held in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, and the “International Building and Construction” exhibition, which is held in Benghazi, Libya, under the slogan of the reconstruction of Libya, and finally, the “In Light Energy” exhibition, which is held in Cape Town, South Africa. .

The Chairman and Managing Director of the “2M Electric Group” added that our participation in these exhibitions came after the success of the group in the Egyptian and Arab market, and the presentation of Egyptian products with international specifications and measurements capable of competing and representing Egypt in all international economic forums, explaining that the group is proceeding at a steady pace. And ambitious towards opening new markets for the Egyptian product abroad, and the direction of export to achieve the state’s plan to reach the dream of 100 billion dollars in exports to advance development and increase the return of hard currency, stressing that these steps come in parallel with the launch of “2M Africa” in the Tanzanian capital, Dar es Salaam.

For his part, Hatem Abdel Gawad, General Manager of the Export Sector of the “2M Electric Group” confirmed that participating in the “In Light” exhibition in South Africa is a great challenge, which proves our confidence in the products of the “2M Electric Group” and its ability to compete in major global markets, explaining that the group has An Egyptian product with international standard specifications that deserves to carry the slogan “Made in Egypt”.