Smart Grid

Smart Grid

2m electric ‘s smart solution for electricity grid to monitor and control electrical losses using input Modbus 485 and output by Ethernet
 the smart grid starts at M.V overhead transmission line (recloser)
Using ellcotor to monitor status, current, and voltage.
Then we move to MV AVR using ellcotor to monitor the voltage of input \ output, current of input \ output, and status.

Proceeding to our semi-controlled sf6 RMU using ellcotor to monitor sf6 CB:  input status, output voltage, and output current.
as for sf6 LBS, we can monitor the status for input & output and control the trip of output

Shifting to an oil transformer using ellcotor to monitor voltage, current, total energy, power factor, and harmonics.
advancing to our fully controlled lv panel using ellcotor to control the Incoming ACB & outgoing MCCB switch on-off-trip, and monitor status for on\off- & trip unit module, voltage, current, power factor, and power.



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