SF6 GIS Fully Gas Insulated Switchgear

Product Overview

2MGIS series are a new type of SF6 gas-insulated compact switchgear, in-house developed by 2M, suitable for most switching applications in medium voltage distribution networks. This adopts modular design and allows random combinations of 2-6 modules to satisfy the demands for flexible applications at secondary substations.

2MGIS Series switchgears offer a completely sealed system with a stainless steel tank, containing all parts and switching functions. The whole switchgear is free from external environmental impact, which ensures safe and reliable operation of equipment and free maintenance. They are widely applied in small secondary distribution substations, industrial, mine enterprises etc.


Product Overview

Service Condition



Ambient temperature:

Maximum temperature


Minimum temperature

-40 °C

Average air temperature within 24h

> 35°C

Ambient humidity:

Maximum average humidity

24 hours 

< 95%

1 month

< 90%

Seismic fortification intensity:

VII degree

Site environment is free of explosive or corrosive gas, violent shock and impact; pollution level is no more than Class III as specified in IEC60815.

Note: The manufacturer must be consulted in advance if site altitude is over 1000 m so as to adjust the inflation pressure.

Product Features

1. Modularized Design: This adopts modularized design, such as load. Break switch module (C), switch-fuse combination module (F), circuit breaker module (V) etc.

2. Fully Insulated and Enclosed Design: 2MGIS switchgears are enclosed in the gas tank and welded with stainless steel. The degree of protection reaches to IP67.

3. Flexible and Extensible Design: 2MGIS switchgears have a flexible and extensible design that combines basic module from 2-6 modules.

4. High Safety and Reliability: 2MGIS switchgears provide high level of safety and reliability by providing enclosed tank as well as reliable pressure relief device.

5. Independently Developed New Mechanism: The mechanism is independently developed by 2M, and it makes the whole mechanism more stable and flexible in transmission.

6. Advanced Welding Technology: Advanced technology and equipment are used to achieve higher precision and lower leakage rate.

7. Automatic Production Line: Automatic production line will improve efficiency and assembling precision as well as optimization of industrial process.

8. Finished Product Routine Test: In order to achieve higher quality standard, all finished products will have a routine test, such as product assembling inspection, Helium leakage test etc.


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