2m company develops power transmission solutions for low voltage busway trunking system, with advanced designs to give highly efficient results in terms of prices that suit all specifications without affecting quality.
- A design suitable for hot climates, as it works in temperatures between -5 to 50 degrees Celsius
- Design complies with reference IEC61439-1&2&6, UL 857
- Design using electrical insulation of class B and F epoxy
- Easy installation and maintenance design, as it works with a single screw system
- The factory provides high productivity in an excellent time to cover the requirements of the local and international market
- The raw materials used are 70% locally made, of international quality, and have international test and accreditation certificates
- Using high purity copper bars 99.99% plated with tin or silver as per customer request
- The use of aluminum bars with high electrical conductivity to give excellent performance with an appropriate cost
- The use of extruded aluminum housing gives strength, protection and efficiency to the busway track


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