Compact Secondary Substation (CSS)

TOP ELECTRIC CSS  is a prefabricated metal-clad outdoor enclosure contains medium voltage switchgear, distribution transformer and low voltage switchboard, interconnections and auxiliary equipment to

transform energy from medium to low voltage. In urban networks, most of the compact substations are internally operated to allow service teams to operate and maintain CSS safely. At residential areas, most substations are externally serviced to minimize installation cost and footprint

As underground cabling and urbanization continued, new. rural locations began to create challenges for heavy concrete CSS units. A lighter and cheaper solution was needed for this evolving CSS market. A steel enclosure was found to meet this demand. With the comparatively lighter weight of a steel CSS, transportation to rural locations was no longer as expensive and heavy on-site installation work was not required; steel provided the same functionality as concrete with much lower weight Our CSS is designed and tested according to latest 1EC 202- 62271 classia cation intended to ouer a tested level of protection to operating


Transformer medium voltage connection is done with single-core XLPE insulated cables (PVC or PE sheath). Low voltage cable connections are done with double insulated high exible cable, to provide earth fault and short-circuit proof design for service personnel safety.

Interconnection is dimensioned according to maximum transformer ratings.


Our factory delivers a factory tested solution for the installation at site, we also provide all necessary lifting device for moving the CSS. One common earthing point for the whole CSS to be connected in addition to MV & LV cables after placing the CSS on the concrete base.


• High safety

• Reliability

• A long lifetime of internal components with minimal maintenance

• Easy and fast installation, commissioning, and relocation.

• low cost of ownership

Customer benefits

• Type tested as per the latest IEC 202-62271

• High level of safety for persons and equipment

• Oil collection pit underneath the transformer

• Engineered footprint meets the required clearance standard

• Steel housing

• Stainless steel hinges for corrosion resistance

• Can be lifted with a transformer installed

• suitable for any type of transformer (QRE, ELMACO, ABB, EGYTRAFO……etc.)


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