Electrical panels

The company manufactures low voltage distribution panels made of laminated sheet with electrostatic furnace paint According to the international standards and the Egyptian code in detail: - IP protection degree up to 65

1- main distribution boards up to 6300 mA.

2- Sub-maiin distribution boards. .Wiring Devices

3 - control panels , monitoring and operation (manual and automatic) to monitor the tasks medium and low voltage (SCADA - PLC - MANUAL) with different systems

4- Power factor improvement panels.

5- A.T.S panels

6. Compatibility panels (synchronization)

7- Pump panels.

• The company performs routine tests on the panels and provides test certificates and a certificate of guarantee for 18 months from The date of the test and delivery or one year from the date of operation.

The factory is certified by the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company, the High Voltage Laboratory, the Ministry of Housing and many others. Government and private consulting office.